Kevin Masters

A Web Development Problem Solver

About Me

I am currently doing React development as a contractor with ICF. My job has me building tools and doing UX work for the US Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General. It is highly satisfying to have the opportunity to practice improving my skill level In React.

This career has been enjoyable particularly because there is a seemingly limitless number of different things to learn. It's really fun getting into a project and knowing that I'll come out on the other side with some interesting new skill or technique. I am fortunate to have worked with so many smart people. There's so much to pick up and I treasure the experience. It is exceedingly gratifying when I have the opportunity to share what I have learned with my colleagues.



Calculator App coded in React and based on a project for freeCodeCamp Front End Development Libraries certification.

Github Project

Using JSON data to display chart of revenue vs. cancellations.

Rivertide Retreats

Angular app. Features customized form components connecting to their Paypal ecommerce widgets.

Github Project

Python script to query Asana projects and save to CSV.

Taconic Biosciences Health Standard Selector

JavaScript/CSS/HTML widget to help a researcher select the best animal model health standard assuming pathogen exclusion criteria.

AMNH Perissodactyls

American Museum of Natural History Perissodactyls Research Site
Drupal custom template and site architecture.

Ulster County NY

Ulster County Government Website
Drupal custom template, site architecture, custom views and interactive features.

Taconic Biosciences Resources

Searchable library of Taconic Biosciences marketing materials.
Angular app utilizing Node API connected to MySQL database.

Cross Valley Health and Medicine

Custom Bootstrap based WordPress theme. Includes accessibility enhancements and Spanish/English language translation.