New Theme

I've been trying to get around to doing a re-design of my site and a new theme for a few months now. Recently a number of articles have come out regarding how Google will punish you if your site is not mobile-friendly. So rather than wait on design I put a stop-gap in place by taking the Bootstrap Drupal theme and making a child of it and put some really quick design shoehorning to make it look like my original theme. The Bootstrap theme is really nice to work with as a base theme. It takes the approach of mobile-first and has a lot of excellent screen width breakpoints for responsiveness.

One challenge was moving the header elements around to transpose the menu with the top Tiki God/Title putting the menu above to utilize the Bootstrap sticky menu. It was a good opportunity to look at what my "title" area was saying and think about how it could be more succinct. I also took this opportunity to change up the way the projects feature was set up. By simply reducing it to thumbnails with tool-tops (title attributes) it makes for a much cleaner layout while still adding interest. Overall some text was increased in font size for more readibility and I added a bit more contrast to the gold text vs. the blue background.

I like the result now and I think it will be a good baby-step toward my ultimate idea for how I want the site's look to evolve.