Happy New Year! 

A couple of weeks ago I quietly relaunched my site in Drupal 8. It was a great opportunity to refine my update processes and come up with some new ones. It also gave me a chance to review my content. It's pretty humbling to look back at my blog posts and realize a little painfully how far I have come and how far I have yet to go.

Much of what I wrote in the past now feels embarrassingly quaint even when you skip over anything that's just plain outdated. I feel like I should leave it at least for myself as a reminder of how I can improve my writing. It should also probably inspire me to write more often so maybe some of these dinosaur bones can get buried under fresher dirt.

So here's to some fresh dirt! 

Currently I'm working for Taconic Biosciences as their web developer. Our website is built on the Movable Type CMS. A perl-based flat-file generating system with a MySQL backend. There are additional custom features so website content can be automatically synced with other data sources in our organization. I get to work on a broad scope of web related things such as maintaining our linux servers, developing front end applications, supporting content editors, and finding ways to optimize and enhance our website. Since joining we have made progress with improving accessibility and performance.

Some other things that I may blog about:

  • Home improvement things. I'm very much at a beginner level with these sort of things. I still have many mistakes to make there and learn from!
  • Aikido. I have been training seriously since 2001. I recently got back at it after a year or so hiatus.
  • Hiking and outdoorsy things. I live right outside of New York State's Catskill Park. There are some amazing hikes out there and I'm looking forward to warmer weather to get back to that.
  • Music
  • Photography. Probably just the weird junk I post to Instagram.
  • Travel. Sometimes you just have to get away!

I hope to get more comfortable with writing and really the only way to do that is to keep doing it. I'm not going to apologize for awkwardness, revealing my ignorance, tangents, or trailing off. I'm just trying to be a better human for as long as I have to work on that.